Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Zero to Landfill - Event Full!

We're pleased to announce that tonight's event is full - which is a great result!!

However, if you would like to receive the presentations from the event, or just find out more about PEMC or Zero to Landfill, please contact:

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Zero to Landfill event - Tuesday 19 May - Latest details!

We're pleased to confirm that the Programme for Tuesday is shaping up nicely!

Those joining us will hear from Benjamin Mee of Dartmoor Zoo - how the zoo have used PEMC to produce stunning images to promote understanding of rare species with a view to promoting sustainability, as well as being a zero-to-waste organisation.

Tarantula leg from Dartmoor Zoo
Dr Sam Price, the University's own Sustainability Manager will be showcasing the University's sustainability credentials and Devon Contract Waste's Steve Whiteway will be demonstrating ways in which companies can work towards Zero to Landfill.

Also joining us are Bond Dickinson to share details of their community work, as well as their credentials as Plymouth's top environmental lawyers!

AND - there will be the opportunity to take an evening tour of Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre - and to discuss how you can use electron microscopy to help your company reduce waste and improve quality.

Places are filling up fast, so if you'd like to join us, email:
emc@plymouth.ac.uk or call 0800 052 5600

Friday, 8 May 2015

Zero to Landfill Event with PEMC - Tuesday 19 May

Devon Contract Waste and PEMC are joining forces at the Reservoir Cafe, Plymouth University .to demonstrate how companies use electron microscopy to help reach 'zero to landfill' - and it's free!

Tuck into the University's delicious 'Sustainability Menu' whilst hearing how companies of various sizes are working towards 'zero to landfill', have become more sustainable and have used the power of electron microscopy to reduce the amount of waste they produce, by:
  • identifying value in their waste products
  • improving product quality
  • accurately identifying contaminants

There'll also be the opportunity to have a tour of PEMC, and to find out whether or not your company is eligible for 12 hours of free support before our project, funded by ERDF, ends on 30 June 2015.

Find out how your company can become Zero to Landfill!

Registration is essential, as places are limited, so if you'd like to join us, simply contact us at:
  • emc@plymouth.ac.uk
  • 01752 588908 or freephone 0800 052 5600

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Computing, Robotics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Final Year Student Project Showcase Event - Monday 27 April 2015

We are pleased to let you know that the annual Final Year Student Project Showcase event will be taking place on the Plymouth University campus on Monday 27 April, from 10.00 - 13.00, in the Smeaton Building (East Entrance) - please go to the following link for a campus map:

This is a great opportunity to see what our talented students can achieve in their final year of study at the University and to meet them before they graduate; perhaps identify a potential employee of the future?

There will also be the opportunity to have a tour of the PEMC on the day, if you haven't yet had the opportunity to meet the team and make use of the 12 hours of free support available for companies based in the south west with less than 250 employees.

If you would like to join us for this interesting event, please email:
compmath@plymouth.ac.uk or claire.pearce@plymouth.ac.uk

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Project Extension Approved - 30 June 2015!

Due to the success of our ERDF project to date, we've been given a project extension to 30 June 2015 to offer small-medium sized companies 12 hours of free support.

We have just 14 more places (this number is changing weekly!) available for companies to get involved, so if you haven't yet used your 12 hours, please do get in contact.

How could it help your company?
Through this project over the last four years, 99 companies have been supported to:

  • Develop new products – e.g. Langage Farm used the information about the micro-structure of one of their product’s to enhance that product; it is now stocked on the shelves of Sainsbury
  • Confirm product quality – e.g. Peter Day Precision Engineering used the precision measurements provided by the PEMC to confirm the consistency of their product’s plating thickness to their customers, down to 34 micro-meters,
  • Identify the source of defects - e.g. Artemis Optical Ltd used the analysis information to identify and isolate the cause of an unknown defect
  • Produce promotional images – e.g. Dartmoor Zoo used the stunning images of tiger fur, wolf hair and tarantula legs for educational purposes in the zoo.

From exploratory investigations to in-depth analysis, our many business customers have all learnt something new about their products, thanks to the power of electron microscopy.

From aerospace to food manufacturers, micro-electronics to precision engineers, we have explored how electron microscopy can make a real difference to a company’s product quality and general operations.

So what’s next for PEMC?
Now that PEMC is established as a world-class centre for materials analysis and characterisation within the South West, we will continue to offer companies of all sizes access to these facilities, as well as linking them to other complimentary services at the University. 

We are already working with a number of our ERDF-funded customers again, on a commercial basis, but we’re also investigating other ways for our customers to fund their ongoing work with us – e.g. programmes such as KTP.

If you would like the opportunity to see how electron microscopy could help your company, for free, contact Claire Pearce for an initial exploratory conversation:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

British Science Week comes to the PEMC (13 - 20 March 2015)

We're pleased to share with you that this week, the PEMC team are busy introducing school children from across the region to the wonders of electron microscopy - follow us on Twitter to find out the latest news:

As well as giving practical tours of the PEMC, we also have a stand in the on-campus marquee with a flash-card game, competition and beautiful graphics - which we don't usually explore with our company clients, but which help put the power of electron microscopy into context:

Pencil nib

Buttercup pollen grains

Hair knot

Ice cream
Camomile tea

Wolf hair

Tiger fur

Needle and thread

Stinging nettle leaf

Red blood cells and cilia